Women of the World for Women of Spirit!


June 9,  2019 (Please read till the end for upcoming events)

Dearest wows around the world!

I hope this message finds everyone well.

I’d like to take a few moments to follow up on our recent May 26, 2019, WOW “Salaam Shalom – Celebrating the Middle East!” gala in DC.

1. The gala event brought together almost 70 wows from around the US and the world for what I think all will agree was a fun and inspiring evening to celebrate 18 years of WOW4WOS. Beautiful outfits, bling, and rich jewel shades abounded! (please click here for the photos taken.)

2. Attendees included wows from the Embassy of Spain, Embassy of Kuwait, USAID, and ladies from over 25 US and global universities, international education providers, organizations, independents, and business communities. Our mentees hailed from across the US as well as Lebanon, Israel, Zambia, UAE, Palestine, Rwanda, Kyrgyzstan, and Cyprus. We also welcomed EducationUSA advisers from Sudan, South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Australia and the REAC for the Middle East.

This year’s gala also welcomed 2 sets of beautiful mother-daughter WOWs: Lina Malas from Dubai and daughter Sara, and Edith Houston and young Vivi!

3. We were especially happy to be able to honor our very special WOW friend and colleague Dorothy Mora and celebrate her recent retirement. Thank you, Heidi Gahan and Karen Bauer for organizing her recognition ceremony!

4. Thanks also go to those who made this year’s wow so special:
Lina Malas and Sara Malas – our official “Salaam Shalom: Celebrating the Middle East! 2019 WOW photographers
Latrina Bowman, Renee Mims, Marie Claude Svaldi, Aimee Nassif – our 2019 on-site greeters
Sandy Soohoo Refaei, Heidi Gahan, Kathleen Joyce, Jessica Miller – our 2019 registration desk sign-in team
Renee Mims – our 2019 WOW official DJ
Our new WOW website mistress Paula Gomez who has taken over our website management to keep our memories “live” for all to view and share.
A special thank you to our amazing WOW listerv diva Malaika Serrano who has kept us connected around the world for the past 10 years – your time and dedication have been invaluable!
Please join me in welcoming our dynamic new WOW communications manager Dziko Crews who will be expanding our WOW connectivity and outreach in the coming months.
As always, a huge thank you to those who have translated the WOW vision into artistic beauty (See our “Projects” tab on www.wow4wos.org)
Nadia Basel – Artist in residence and creator of our WOW logo
Dee Bunge – Creator of our WOW quilt
Sandy Soohoo Rafeai – Creator of our WOW pin and our 10th-anniversary WOW bookmark 
Heidi Gregori Gahan – who has helped identify the beautiful “Company of Women” dolls created by local Evansville artist Deborah Wagner
Karen Bauer – Creator of the WOW note card project

5.  A very special thank you to our generous May 2019 sponsors for ensuring that wow4wos continues to support amazing women from around the world and the US and those at various stages of transition in their lives. Thanks to their generous support, all our mentees/EducationUSA advisers received full sponsorship for the dinner!
Esther Abinader and family, Elena Anderson, Janice Bogen, Karen de Grange, Heidi Gahan, Caroline Gear, Kathy Hammett, Kathleen Joyce, Susan Kassab, Nancy Katz, Lin Larsen, Dorothy Mora, Sharena Payne, Judith Pennywell, Mona Rafi, Michelle Saad, Julie Sinclair, Marie Claude Svaldi, Joy Stevenson, and Emily Tse.



1. Save SUNDAY, MAY 24, 2020 for our 19th annual WOW dinner event in St Louis, MO! Next year’s theme is still TBD but stay tuned 😊
2. DC Mini WOW dinner – Mid to end January 2020 (dates and details will follow).

Thanks again to everyone for your continued support, warm hugs to all, and have a great summer!

Evelyn, Founder
www.wow4wos.org TM

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