There are many WOW4WOS celebrations to share!

Elif Bengu, 2009 PhD graduate from the University of Cincinnati, shares:

“Thank you for giving me the opportunity for being part of the WoW. Also, thank you for the your kind gift.  I met with wonderful people through this event and looking forward to next year’s meeting. Yesterday, I hooded as doctor in education. I hope that next year I will be attending to the WoW dinner as a working professional.

Fanny del Rio — has published a book, “The Story of Malinche” (see below for more information and book cover) — now in the list of the top 10 bestsellers by Random House Monadori in Uruguay (www.rhm.com.uy)!

Peggy Pusch – One of NAFSA’s 2009 Life Member recipients

Patti Jones – NAFSA 2009 Homer Higbee Award Recipient

Deb Pierce – 2010 Kansas City conference chair

Linda Heaney – recipient of the 2009 RAP Knowledge Community award for outstanding contributions to the field

Mona Menking – proud new ‘mama’ to her first child,  a beautiful little boy.

Terhi Molsa (Fulbright Finland) – proud mom to 2 beautiful children; her daughter has just been accepted to the very competitive high school of the performing arts in Helsinki.

Just a few examples of the breadth of celebrations we would like to post and share in the coming year as we continue to support one another across the globe. Congratulations to all and please send me any news you’d like to announce.

Evelyn Levinson, levinson@american.edu

The Story of Malinche

Dear Evelyn,

First I want to thank you for being the Founder of this amazing group of extraordinary women, and then to say how incredibly honored I was to be given the opportunity to speak to the group gathered at the lovely Red Carpet Gala in LA.

“The True Story of Malinche” was published this year in Uruguay by Random House Mondadori and while I was at the NAFSA Conference I learned Random House Mondadori will also publish it in Mexico in September. I am trying to get RHM in the U.S. to agree to publish the English version – believe it or not, it won’t be easy but as you might suspect as a woman I do not easily shy away from challenges.

For the time being, and for anyone out there who can read the book in Spanish, what follows is the link to RHM Uruguay where my book is posted: http://www.rhm.com.uy/fichalibro/?isbn=9789974683037

Below is the cover spread and a link to the English translation of the back cover for the wow4wos.

All the best,
Fanny del Rio
Program Officer & Educational Advisor
Fulbright Commission – Uruguay

Back cover of book (English)
Printable version of cove