The above photo is the original pencil drawing created in 2001 by our official wow Artist Nadia Basel to capture the essence of WOW4WOS.

The roots of the beautiful olive tree, symbol of the Mediterranean and Middle East, reflect the strength and grounded nature of women around the world. The tree’s delicate branches and leaves represent the graceful arms of womanhood that, if given the chance, can bring our world together in peace and harmony.

This drawing became the official logo for Women of the World for Women of Spirit TM in January, 2001.

Evelyn Levinson, Founder


Women of the World for Women of Spirit provides a support network for women around the world to come together to meet, to celebrate and share their commonalities and strengths, and to respectively embrace their unique differences. wow4wos promotes networking, inclusiveness, mentoring, professional development, leadership, empowerment for positive change, personal enrichment, friendships, and inner spiritual balance, for women at all stages of their personal and professional lives. Details of further activities and projects will be coming soon. Stay tuned, and send us your suggestions and ideas, too!

Evelyn Levinson

Founder, wow4wos