WOW Note Cards

May 3, 2016

Dearest wows,

I’m excited to share that we have now beautiful WOW note cards (see photo attachments) available for purchase! The WOW note card project reflects the importance and magic of communication via the written word. Hopefully, it will allow us to take a step back from our daily text messages, emails, FB postings, etc to actually write a little note to someone we care about or share this as a gift with a special person.

The front cover of the cards reflects the original sketch of our WOW logo designed in 2001 by official wow artist Nadia Basel of USAID West Bank/Gaza, and our wow mission statement appears on the back cover. The inside of the card is blank for your personalized messages.

The card layout was produced by our very creative and talented wow Karen Bauer and printed in Dubai. Karen translated my ideas and vision into this beautiful tangible product after many emails, PDFs, and what’s app messages back and forth between Tel Aviv, DC and Dubai over the past 4 weeks. Thanks so much to Karen for all her hard work and time on this exciting new project!

HOW TO ORDER: The cards come bound in sets of 8 with 8 envelopes. Cost is $12 per set, or 2 sets for $20. You can pre-order (at least 3 weeks in advance) and have a set/s put aside for you to pick up and pay for when you sign in for one of our WOW events.

I hope you enjoy these lovely cards and thanks in advance for your support!

Warm wishes to all,

Evelyn Levinson

2016 WOW Letter Exchange Project

Please don’t forget our optional letter exchange! If you would like to be included, we ask every woman coming to dinner to write a letter, maybe include encouraging words, a poem, words of advice, on how to shine and be your best. Feel free to add a quote or pick a card from your city or country. When you arrive and check in, the letters will be collected, mixed up, and upon leaving you will receive another random WOW lady card. The only hitch is you have to write a letter to receive a letter. Please include your business card. This is another chance to connect with a WOW lady as well as get a piece of mail. Contact Karen at with any questions, and know that a letter could be waiting just for you!


The quilt project was designed to serve as an organizational banner to display the beautiful WOW4WOS logo. The project was headed by member Dee Bunge, also responsible for its creative conception. The quilt is made with fabric from all over the world, donated by our members and represents our diversity. It is displayed at every wow4wos meeting.


The wow4wos pin truly represents our group’s vision. The pin’s logo was designed by wow4wos artist Nadia Basel, my wonderful friend, sister in spirit, and colleague from my USAID West Bank/Gaza days. The broad trunk and deep roots of the olive tree, symbolic of the Middle East, represent our strength and depth as women. The tree’s beautiful and delicate branches surround the globe, as our arms reach out to hold our parents, our children, our families, our friends across the oceans.

Sandy Soohoo Refaei is our pin’s designer. Her sense of color and style are evident in the pin’s delicate yet eye-catching shape.

Wearing a wow4wos pin identifies you as one of almost 700 women worldwide who are part of this special network. It also helps you support “Women of the World for Women of Spirit” activities and makes a great gift for that special friend, daughter, or relative!

HOW TO ORDER: Cost is $10 per pin or two pins for $15. You can pre-order (at least 3 weeks in advance) and have your WOW pin put aside for you to pick up and pay for when you sign in for one of our WOW events.

Wear your pin proudly and support wow4wos around in the world!

Updated 5.24.19 EL


Would you like to serve as a mentor to fellow wow4wos in the U.S. and around the world? Looking for a mentor? Let us know. Please contact Evelyn Levinson ( to express your interest in helping.