What wow4wos Means to Me

Here are 5 quotes from advisers after they learned that thanks to the incredible generosity of our stateside wow’s, they and all 23 EducationUSA/Fulbright attendees have received full cost share to cover dinner for this year’s 2011 wow 10 year anniversary gala celebration.
Evelyn Levinson, Founder, TM

Lauren Welch, Fulbright UK: “Each year there is one event I look forward to most – the WOW dinner!  Without fail, I leave with great ideas in hand, feeling inspired and reminded of what a strong network I’m honored to be a part of!”

Beth West, Fulbright Colombia: “Having such a strong, supportive network of colleagues is one of the reasons that drew me to the IE field. Thank you for your mentoring! You are all beautiful warriors!”

Revy Payiata, Fulbright Cyprus: “Thank you for your generous support of this event. I am looking forward to meeting all the active, positive and diverse group of women involved in international education.”

Lorraine Usner, EducationUSA, Sydney: Thank you so much for your generosity.  It is so wonderful to gather with a group of quality women who really care.

Erica Lutes, Fulbright Belgium: “You know an organization values EducationUSA when they pull together to make it financially possible for us to attend. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in such a powerful networking group. NAFSA is so large that it is easy to get lost. By kicking off the week with the WOW dinner, you instantly have 100 new friends to guide you through the conference. Thanks WOW! “