2008 Reports

Listserv ReportDear WoWs,Congratulations on another successful year!  Before the conference, we were just shy of 500 WoWs registered on the listserv, but I’m sure that we’ll break the 500-mark very soon.
Several of you have used the listserv to post messages, make announcements, etc. and that’s great!  We really want to encourage you all to continue using this communication and networking tool.  Even though we have our dinner every year, we can continue to stay in touch with each other 365 days a year through the listserv. :-)Best wishes to you all and I look forward to seeing many of you in L.A.!

Malaika Serrano
Washington, D.C.
Wow4WoS Listserv Manger

Web Site Report
The wow4wos web site continues to draw visitors. In 2007, we had 7,717 visitors, and in 2008, almost halfway through the year, we already have 8,121. The number of requests for pages always rises when the NAFSA annual conference materials go out and we are given information about our upcoming wow4wos dinner.

Photos from most of our past dinners are maintained on the site. You can check back and see photos of yourself at dinners as far back as 2002. You can also find photos of our wow4wos pin and quilt, and get your friends to join the group on our “Join” page. I am maintaining the web site on server space I own, so the only charge to wow4wos is for domain name registration on the Internet when that becomes due.

Jane Dunham
Austin, TX